Custom Research Series

Customer Context Power – A Success Imperative For Every Retailer

Moving beyond just customer marketing to leveraging the power of ‘context with relevant and timely brand, product, pricing or loyalty messaging that fosters informed shopping decisions, deeper engagement and beneficial long-term relationships. Download this short report to understand….

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Custom Research Series

Hospitality Leads The Way In Location-Based Customer Engagement

EKN’s January 2015 survey of 90 US-based hospitality companies reveals that implementing in-location guest engagement strategies is leading to positive financial gains for more than 8 in 10 hospitality companies. Download this short report to explore and understand how hospitality companies are way ahead of their retail brethren…

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2015 & Beyond: 8 Big Impact Retail Industry Business & Technology Investments

The infographic illustrates 8 big impact business and technology investment trends in retail for 2015 & beyond…

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Benchmark Research

A Step-by-Step Approach to Improving Omni-Channel Customer Profitability

The fundamental goals of any Omni-channel strategy are to achieve greater customer engagement, profitability and share of wallet per customer when compared to single channel sales and service strategies. EKN in collaboration with Symphony Teleca, conducted a survey of more than 80 US-based retailers to understand and benchmark mid-market retailers’ maturity and readiness in terms of Omni-channel execution and customer profitability…

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Webinar: Retail Transformation

Exceeding customer expectations and staying a step ahead of the competition requires being nimble and responsive. Trends magnify the importance of fulfilling customer needs and brand promises with agility, speed and global presence. According to EKN’s 2014...


The Changing Face of Retail Labor, Assortments & KPIs’

In the NRF 2015 re-cap blog 1 , blog 2, and blog 3, I had shared some observations and insights regarding retailer mindshare, disruptive trends and talking points from NRF 2015 that can help steer improvements in the retail industry in 2015 & beyond. This final...

The 4th Strategic Pillar for Retailers: NRF 2015 Re-Cap Part 3

In the recently published NRF 2015 re-cap blog 1 and blog 2, I had compared the start of NRF 2015 with a big poker tournament and highlighted the top 3 trends that shaped NRF proceedings and can help steer improvements in the retail industry in 2015 & beyond. This third and the forthcoming fourth blog in this NRF series will cover the final two takeaways or trends that will be strategic for retailers and technology solution or service providers.




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